Impact Solutions works with various insurance companies to provide different types of insurance policies, depending on your unique needs. We use assessment tools and implement a goal-oriented approach to provide the highest probability of exceeding each client’s needs. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you a free life insurance quote.

 two hands surrounding a red heart and the silhouettes of a family

We provide advice and sales on both term life insurance and whole life insurance to protect your family’s future in the event of your passing.

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You should never have to go without income due to having a disability. Impact Solutions is here to protect your income either through Social Security or private insurers.

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As an employee, your employer should offer you healthcare and retirement benefits to protect your well-being as a worker and individual. If you are a business seeking the best benefits packages for your employees, we can guide you in making the best decision.

a female nurse placing her hand on the shoulder of an older man in a wheelchair in long-term care

Long-Term Care Insurance provides financial protection for those who can no longer perform basic daily activities. Whether you are seeking insurance coverage for services in your home or a medical facility, your welfare is most important.